Shipping terms

Addtional delivery cost for countries outside The Netherlands:


Select Zone 1: 

Bulgary-Croatia-Estland-Finland-Ireland-Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican City)-Letland-Lithouwen-Portugal-Romenia-Slovenia-Slowaky-Spain (incl. Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands) - Sweden.


Select Zone 2:

Andorra-Channel Islands-Liechtenstein-Norway-San Marino-Switzerland.


Select Zone 3:

Albany-Bosnia Herzegovina-Canary Islands-Cyprus-Faeröer-Gibraltar-Greenland-Iceland-Kosovo-Macedonia-Malta-Moldavia-Montenegro-Servia-Turkey-Ukraine-Vatican-Russia.


Select Zone 4:

Austria - Belgium - Czech Republic - Denmark (excluding the Faroe Islands and Greenland) - France (incl. Corsica an Monaco) - Germany - Hongary - Luxembough - Poland - United Kingdom (excluding Gibraltar and the Channel Islands).


               1-3 pcs     4-7 pcs      8-12 pcs    from 12 pcs and above    

Zone 1      €15,90      €15,90       €26,65      free of delivery charge  

Zone 2      €17,90      €27,90       €32,65      free of delivery charge          

Zone 3      €26,00      €36,00       €60,00      free of delivery charge

Zone 4      €11,75      €11,75       €15,75      free of delivery charge    


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